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How to Harness the Benefits of CMMS

Sep 24, 2018 10:25:08 AM / by CMMS Insight Staff

It’s no secret that CMMS maintenance systems can make your business more profitable. But seeing that profitability depends on how you use your CMMS.

If you aren’t leveraging your CMMS to its fullest capacity, you’re likely missing out on key opportunities to simplify tasks, prevent money leaks, and ultimately run a better business.

This article will show you what benefits you can expect from a CMMS and what you can do to ensure you get their full effects.

CMMS Maintenance Systems Keep Your Team Informed

From training to announcements to updates and more, your CMMS program is the anchor that holds your team together. Workers can use the system to log maintenance data that other team members access. This also gives you a chance to see who might need additional training to keep things moving in your department.

The trick here is to ensure each team member understands how to use the CMMS, and that each person is actively engaged with it. It pays to include initial CMMS training when someone new joins the group, as well as conduct regular training to see how your team continues to use it.

Track and Review Ongoing Maintenance

In the past, companies resorted to a paper record system, the flaws of which were many. Security, organization, and space all posed concerns. As a result, it was far too easy to overlook opportunities for preventative maintenance (see preventative maintenance software), which means many departments only serviced equipment and machines when something went wrong. This is expensive for any company, as it neglects opportunities to perform minor adjustments that could result in avoiding costly repairs or total replacements.

To combat these expenses, companies can use a CMMS to set up maintenance schedules. Teams can keep track of maintenance history on each piece of equipment in your company, even as far back as 15 or 20 years, with a simple search. Moreover, you can include maintenance checklists for your team members to follow so they know what to look for with every component in your facility.

Boost Worker Productivity

How much does your team accomplish each day? While you may think everyone is pulling their own weight, a CMMS can help you know for certain.

By using your CMMS as a central tool for daily workflows, you can generate reports that show exactly what is accomplished each day. You can use this data to look for lulls in the workday and find ways you can boost productivity during those times. This only works if each person on their team is using the system to log activity, so make sure everything your department handles goes through the CMMS for the best accuracy.

Gain Insight into Every Area of Your Operations

How efficient are your machines? How often does each one break down or require attention? How long does it take your team to repair each one?

You likely have dozens of similar questions in your organization, but might not have the right tools to answer them. Using a CMMS software solution to manage every aspect of your maintenance operations gives you greater insight into your department. You can generate reports to tell you just about anything you want to know, then put that data you collect to good use by finding ways to improve your processes.

Finding the right CMMS software is the first step, but how you use it is just as important. Otherwise, you’ll never get the results or benefits you expect. Start by thinking about which benefits are most crucial to your success, then establish the right procedures to help you get the most from your investment.

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Written by CMMS Insight Staff