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How Manufacturing Plants Can Leverage CMMS Software for Improving Operations

Oct 1, 2018 3:56:30 PM / by CMMS Insight Staff

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are changing the way manufacturing plants operate. Manufacturing equipment is expensive to purchase and operate, and can quickly dip into your profits when it breaks. Even a brief period of unexpected downtime can push your production schedule far behind, not to mention the costs of decreased employee productivity while a machine is out of order.

CMMS software seeks to change how you work for the better. Take a look at how you can put the benefits of CMMS for manufacturing to work in your daily operation.

Transition to Proactive Maintenance

Often times, manufacturing companies perform maintenance on equipment only when something goes wrong. Truth be told, any form of downtime on a crucial machine means some loss of production. But avoiding maintenance because nothing is broken simply to avoid short downtime periods isn’t as logical as it sounds.

CMMS software solutions can help you perform ongoing maintenance on your machines and equipment to keep them running like new. Short breaks for maintenance and repairs can help you avoid longer periods of downtime because something serious has occurred.

When your equipment is running at optimal performance, you can better ensure your customers will receive a superior product.

Increase Worker Productivity

Maintenance techs can use your CMMS to retrieve and log information quickly to maximize their time on the job. You can tailor your system to include step-by-step instructions, images, checklists, and other important documents to streamline daily maintenance.

Reduce Downtime and Associated Expenses

When workers are more productive during maintenance procedures, you can be up and running again in less time. Your payroll budget becomes better utilized and production numbers won’t be as heavily affected.

Increase Workplace Safety

Manufacturing can be a dangerous industry, especially for machine operators. Companies must do everything in their power to make their equipment safe for their workers to avoid accidents and injuries. When you rely on CMMS for managing your equipment maintenance, you have a detailed look at a machine’s maintenance history, including failures, repairs, inspections, and other data that can be used to develop insights and create a safer work environment. 

For more information on how to manage safety program data, check out EHS software.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining your equipment isn’t just a good idea – it’s required. Regulatory compliance is a serious business, and not having proper documentation on your maintenance activities could result in profit-draining fines.

Keep an Eye on Inventory Levels

Maintenance departments have no shortage of parts, components, and supplies that they need to keep on hand in the event of a machine failure or issue. But when you can’t find that little part you need, you could be holding up your company’s entire production schedule.

Your CMMS can keep track of your inventory to show you what’s in stock, what’s running low, and what needs to be ordered so that nothing stands between you and a completed maintenance job.

Provide Ongoing Communication with Team Members

When you and your team members are busy working on different projects, collaboration and communication tend to take a backseat. Still, it’s essential to facilitate ongoing conversations to keep everyone on task and working as a cohesive unit.

CMMS software usually acts as the anchor point for everyone on your team. It’s the go-to resource for answers and information. It’s the central hub where you log the day’s activities, giving you an idea of what your team accomplishes each day. 

Whether you're doing a petroleum inspection or auditing machinery, maintenance shouldn’t be viewed as an extra expense, but rather a value-added activity in your manufacturing facility. It might one of the best investments in your company’s future you can make.

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Written by CMMS Insight Staff