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CMMS Reporting, KPIs, and Your Organization's Success

May 13, 2020 10:46:31 AM / by CMMS Insight Staff

A Computerized Maintenance Management Software system (CMMS) is one of the most powerful tools you can have when it comes to enterprise asset management. CMMS reporting can be a major determinant to your organization’s success, as there are countless insights a CMMS can reveal. Here’s how, and why, you should be using a CMMS for your organization.

Tracking CMMS KPIs

A CMMS software solution helps you track quantifiable metrics that aid in determining the effectiveness of your company. These key performance indicators (KPIs), of which there are as many as you can think of, provide invaluable insight into how the processes you’ve implemented are working in a practical setting, which allows maintenance managers to review their effectiveness and then adjust approaches where necessary.

Examples of KPI measurement enabled by CMMS reporting cover variable but crucial topics such as asset downtime, staff productivity, work orders, and others. Safety-related KPIs, which record data such as number of near misses, number of inspections performed, safety committee meetings, and timeframes required to close action items, are also often referenced. Putting these together can help paint a more complete picture of workplace safety efficiencies.

Increasing Productivity and Cost Effectiveness

CMMS reporting provides accuracy and reliability to companies looking to spot weaknesses in organizational processes. Identifying these weaknesses can lead to two goals: an increase in productivity and an increase in cost-effectiveness, both stemming from eliminating the problem.

Solving these problems means that organizations can return to the business of meeting other important goals without being sidetracked by the issue. Also, companies now have a baseline to use in creating preventative maintenance strategies to prevent the problem from recurring.

All of this, in turn, makes a company run much more efficiently. Efficient companies are, of course, much more cost-effective than ones that constantly struggle with issues that could have been spotted and addressed earlier through the use of CMMS reporting.

This is perhaps the best reason to use CMMS reporting — the ROI on implementing a CMMS system, when viewed through the lens of preventing productivity disruptions, is quite high. In this way, CMMS reporting aids management in perfecting maintenance cycles improves operations in ways that directly impact a company’s bottom line.

The Final Word on CMMS Reporting

Having a CMMS system integrated into your company’s infrastructure provides strong maintenance management support.

Through the use of CMMS reporting and careful analysis of select KPIs, safety and maintenance managers can identify incipient problems clearly and quickly, allowing them to address these issues in a timely manner that prevents them from growing into potentially catastrophic ones. This, in turn, keeps workplace environments safer and more productive, which leads to better overall company performance.

CMMS systems, and CMMS reporting, are therefore invaluable tools for any maintenance manager or supervisor, well worth the cost of installation and integration, and contributory to the future of any company and its success.

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Written by CMMS Insight Staff